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We've mapped out the entire film...

In April, our team headed up to Seattle to meet in person and go over the entire film. The weekend retreat gave us a few days to explore the story and determine specifically what we will feature in the film.

Day one was spent breaking down the film by scene at London Bridge Studio. Spending a day fleshing out the story inside the film's main character (the studio) really connected our story to the full emotion of standing where it happened.

The second day, we moved to the Easy Street Beach House, which is a rental property on Alki Beach that is owned by Matt Vaughn, the owner of legendary Easy Street Records in West Seattle.

Producers Eric Lilavois and Nerissa Ambers

I can't say enough about how perfect this house was to really get our creative juices flowing. For starters, the house is decked out in all sorts of memorabilia from music history. It feels like you are sleeping in a museum of rock, and I really enjoyed every little easter egg that is placed throughout the house (including an invoice receipt from one of Kurt Cobain's early royalty payments that was famously discovered in an old record crate).

In total, we walked away with a full story outline and layout, as well as an idea of where we should start with regards to raising funds for the project.

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